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The Building Informatics and Visualization Lab (biLAB) is part of the Department of Civil and Urban Engineering at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering. It focuses on understanding the operational challenges associated with construction and operation of facilities and infrastructure systems in urban settings.

The research team works on information modeling and visualization to quantify the impact of architecture on human experience in the built environment, understand and improve the behaviors of existing/new facilities and civil infrastructure systems for next generation construction, maintenance, and operations. The research team takes advantage of advancements in technology in information modeling and visualization to integrate and provide information that engineers, owners, and facility operators need, at the right level of detail and visual form.

They work on developing information repositories and visualization platforms to better integrate the data captured from sensors and the context under which they operate to get a holistic view of the monitored system/infrastructure for better maintenance and operation.

Our Research Domain:

Architecture and Neuroscience
How can we quantify the impact of architectural design features on human experience? Can we use the findings to improve the design practice for better and healtier experiences in the built environment?

Urban Challenges for AEC/FM
How can the design, construction and facilities management processes be improved to tackle with the challenges imposed by urban settings?

Understanding the context under which Civil Infrastructure Systems (CIS) operate
How sensors and models can be integrated to better understand system behaviors?

Healthier building systems
How can the performance of interconnected facility systems be determined for setting proactive management strategies?

Testbeds utilized: legacy and smart buildings, airports, highways.

Tools utilized: Building information models, data driven methodologies, advanced visualization

The biLab is spearheaded by Prof. Semiha Ergan, Associate Professor of the Department of Civil and Urban Engineering.

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