Past Projects

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Increasing Work Zone Safety: Worker Behavioral Analysis with Integration of Wearable Sensors and Virtual Reality

Customized building operations: Defining operational signatures of HVAC system configurations through data analytics on historical BAS data

Neuroscience for architecture: Quantification of impact of architecture on human experience in the built environment

Emotionally intelligent buildings: Responsive virtual environments using biometric sensing

Building grid interactions: Improving demand-response performance of buildings through accurate electricity demand estimations

BIM-based and an Automated Approach for HVAC Troubleshooting

Delivering Accurate and Complete As-built BIMs: Progressive Laser Scans and As-Planned BIM

Immersive and Interactive Workspaces for Collaborative Design

Advanced Information Modeling and Visualization for Dam Risk Assessment

Building Energy Dashboards

Airport safety during capital improvement projects

A formal approach to define HVAC sequence of operations to enable interpretation of the design intent for system behavior assessment

Utilization of game engines and virtual models to identify FM requirements for BIM deliverables

Data analysis on highly sensed buildings for understanding patterns in building performance and energy use

Model and embedded sensor based safety at job sites for insurance policies

Challenges faced while developing interactive virtual models for FM use

Analysis of renovation challenges in historical landmarks