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Positions are available at PhD levels in BiLAB. Please contact Prof. Ergan for details.

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PhD Students

Zhuoya Shi

PhD Candidate, expected graduation date - Sep 2022
email: zs1110@nyu.edu

Daniel Lu

PhD Student, expected graduation date - May 2023
email: dbl299@nyu.edu

Beyza Kiper

PhD Student, expected graduation date - May 2025
email: bkiper@nyu.edu

Mohammad Zair Cheema

PhD Student, expected graduation date - May 2025
email: zair.cheema@nyu.edu

Hanna Lee

PhD Student, expected graduation date - May 2026
email: hl1161@nyu.edu

Master and Bachelor Students


Zhengbo Zou, PhD

Graduated: Dec 2020
Currently a tenure track faculty at the University of British Columbia

  • Research Project: Impact of construction on urban quality of life
    Google Scholar
  • Quantification of impact of architecture design on human experience project, Lead Researcher
  • Research poster
  • One pager

Xinran Yu, PhD

Graduated: Dec 2020

Xue Sheryl Yang, PhD

Graduated: September 2014
Currently working at Autodesk Inc.

  • Research Project: A formal approach to provide information support for troubleshooting of HVAC related problems.
  • Research poster

Te Gao, PhD

Graduated: December 2013
Currently working at Amazon Inc.

  • Research Project: Complete And Accurate As-Built BIM Based On An As-Designed BIM And Progressive Laser Scans.
  • Research poster

Former visitors, BSc/MSc students


Jindian Liu, 2019

Master students

Sushmita Kadarla

Juan Guerrero

Poornachandra Venkadesh, graduated in May 2020

Neda Talebzadeh

Yu Lu

Siping Wang

Yuerong Ren

Gokmen Dedemen

Robert Chiarelli

Zeyu Meng

Ahmed Radwan

Prateek Khourasia


Manya Mishra

Emanuele Morbidoni

Dhruv Patel

Rodrigo Barbosa Lima

Luiz Eduardo Da Silva Arruda

Priscila Daher Russo Dias

Naveen D’Souza Lazar

Bo Gu, graduated in December 2014

Hanzhi Chen

Varun Kumaraswamy, graduated in May 2014

Chenhao Jin

Jennifer Frazier

Jason Jiang, graduated in May 2014

Nur Sila Gulgec, graduated in August 2013

Ruiming Liu, graduated in August 2013

Juncheng (Billy) Li, graduated in August 2013

Haobo Ma, graduated in August 2013

Alejandro Gomez, graduated in August 2013

Katie Knox, graduated in August 2013

Jennifer Frazier, graduated in December 2012

Timothy Lam, graduated in August 2012

Emre Caner Akcay, graduated in August 2010

Chenhao Jin, graduated in Spring 2012

Weiyu Zhang, graduated in Spring 2012

Bachelor Students

Olivia Lin

Genie Hou

Nirav Golyalla

Hanzhi Chen, graduated in August 2014

Millard McElwee, graduated in Spring 2013

Christopher Ejiofor, graduated in Spring 2013

Michael Oden, graduated in Spring 2013

Sarah Ramp, graduated in Summer 2011

Jeannette Baker, graduated in Summer 2011

High school students hosted

Summer 2020:
David Ugo-Omernukwa, Bronx High School of Science
Nyah Smith, Computer Science High School

Summer 2019:
InesVillegas Costa, Bard High School Early College
Lauren Pehlivanian, Stuyvesant High School

Summer 2018:
Tina Wong, Stuyvesant High School
Daniel Gomez, Stuyvesant High School

Summer 2017:
Connie Tsang, Hunter College High School
Jason Cheung, Stuyvesant High School

Summer 2016:
Danny Dirusso, Dobbs Ferry School District